Why Pre-Orders can reduce our carbon foot print.

Why Pre-Orders can reduce our carbon foot print.


With a pre-order, our customers can reserve a product before its official release date or when the item is currently not in stock. This means that we can secure an item in advance, ensuring they don't miss out on limited stock or exclusive offers. Pre-orders typically require customers to pay upfront.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Pre-orders play a significant role in promoting efficiency. By allowing customers to reserve products in advance, our store can better estimate demand and adjust the production accordingly. This helps minimize overproduction and reduces the environmental impact associated with excess manufacturing.

Overproduction is a common issue in various industries, leading to wasted resources, increased energy consumption, and higher carbon emissions. By implementing pre-order systems, our company can align production with actual demand, resulting in more efficient manufacturing processes and waste reduction.

Encouraging Innovation and Eco-Friendly Practices

Pre-orders provide us ann opportunity for us to introduce eco-friendly products that we may love but may not interest a greater audience. By gauging our customer interest through pre-order numbers, we can assess the demand for sustainable alternatives and invest in their development.

Additionally, pre-orders help us adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Like eco-friendly recyclability, or the use of sustainable materials. Like our Bamboo tea strainer:


Consumer Benefits

Pre-orders not only benefit the environment but also offer advantages to our patrons. By participating in pre-orders, our customer can secure products before the holiday season: Furthermore, it allows customers to plan their purchases in advance, budget accordingly, and avoid impulse buying. This can lead to more thoughtful and intentional consumption, reducing unnecessary purchases and minimizing waste.


Pre-orders are not only a convenient way for customers to reserve products but also a powerful tool for promoting sustainability. By reducing overproduction, minimizing waste, encouraging innovation, and offering consumer benefits, pre-orders contribute to a more environmentally conscious and responsible approach to commerce.

My goal is for our company to be  (B Certified) 


Some of my favorite brands to promote eco-friendly practices: 

Carolina K, Patagonia, Harmonica and Bombas just to name a few.  Click on the image for a closer look. 


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